PTSD Treatment

The Pillars of Resilience in Mental Health Recovery

Resilience plays a pivotal role in mental health recovery, serving as the foundation upon which individuals rebuild their lives after facing adversity. It is the thread that weaves through the narrative of recovery, enabling individuals to not just survive but thrive in the after math of psychological challenges.

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PTSD: The Non-Linear Path to Healing from Trauma

In the complex landscape of mental health, the journey of healing from trauma emerges as a multifaceted and deeply intricate process. Each person's journey through trauma recovery is unique, reflecting the diverse and intricate nature of our minds. This post delves into the academic and deeply personal facets of trauma recovery, focusing on its non-linear nature.

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Why I Found Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy so Effective

There are a number of reasons why I believe Trauma Focused CBT was so effective in reducing the symptoms of my PTSD. For years prior to my initial PTSD assessment, I was only offered general therapy. Why did I respond so positively to CBT when compared to taking medication on its own, or combining medication with general therapy? The following is why only Trauma Focused CBT was so effective in helping me deal with what happened during the trauma of the search and rescue, and the years that followed.‍

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BBC The Why Factor PTSD interview with Dr. Wild

Near the end of my PTSD treatment, Dr. Jennifer Wild told me she had been invited to participate in a BBC radio discussion about PTSD. She asked if I would be willing to be interviewed regarding my experience with the tsunami and my PTSD treatment. Despite my mental state having improved as the treatment progressed, my home life, relationships, and career were in tatters. However, I knew how fortunate I was to have finally received the PTSD treatment that I did, as it had undoubtedly saved my life...

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