Living with PTSD and Surviving Cancer

A journey of resilience, survival, and overcoming adversity.
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My Journey

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Tsunami Survivor & First Responder and Cancer Survivor. A journey of recovery.

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Welcome to PTSD Jedi

Meet Sam, a mental health blogger and survivor of the Asian Tsunami, PTSD, and cancer. Learn about his journey of resilience, healing, and advocacy at PTSD Jedi. "I invite you to join me on this journey of healing, advocacy, and cultural exploration. Together, we can foster a world where understanding transcends borders, and support knows no boundaries."

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The Pillars of Resilience in Mental Health Recovery

Resilience plays a pivotal role in mental health recovery, serving as the foundation upon which individuals rebuild their lives after facing adversity. It is the thread that weaves through the narrative of recovery, enabling individuals to not just survive but thrive in the after math of psychological challenges.

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Institutional Racism and its impact on the Mentally Vulnerable

The intersection of mental health issues and racial discrimination creates a precarious situation for minority individuals. Institutional racism within the NHS and broader societal structures often leads to the criminalization of mentally vulnerable individuals from these communities. Instead of receiving appropriate mental health care, many find themselves navigating the criminal justice system, a pathway fraught with challenges and devoid of the necessary support.

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Unlocking Health Equity: A Global Resource Guide for Everyone

This comprehensive guide compiles free, accessible resources from around the globe, including the UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA, to empower you with knowledge and insights into health equity and inequalities. Dive into these resources to explore, learn, and contribute to the global conversation on creating a fairer, healthier world for all.

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Welcome to Post Traumatic Disordered Stress

I thought I’d give you some insight to the first time I had a serious flashback after the tsunami. Unlike on the island, it was a flashback which I couldn’t control my reaction to. As a result it was a genuinely terrifying experience. I’d never experienced anything resembling an anxiety/panic attack, claustrophobia or any other PTSD symptoms prior to what your about to read.

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PTSD: The Non-Linear Path to Healing from Trauma

In the complex landscape of mental health, the journey of healing from trauma emerges as a multifaceted and deeply intricate process. Each person's journey through trauma recovery is unique, reflecting the diverse and intricate nature of our minds. This post delves into the academic and deeply personal facets of trauma recovery, focusing on its non-linear nature.

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Don't Panic

When anniversary trauma reinforces the loss of the life you once thought you would have. Arthur C. Clarke said Douglas Adams’ use of “don’t panic” was perhaps the best advice that could be given to humanity.

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Navigating the Crossroads of Ethics and Mental Health in Policing: A Philosophical Perspective

The intersection of mental health and law enforcement demands a nuanced ethical approach, one increasingly recognized in modern society. This blog post delves into the philosophical foundations essential for ethical mental health policing, outlining how law enforcement can effectively maintain public safety while addressing mental health crises with empathy and understanding.

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Tsunami, PTSD, & Cancer: A Journey of Survival, Strength, & Healing

This isn't your typical blog; it's a raw, unfiltered journey through the chaos of surviving a tsunami, battling PTSD, facing Stage 3 cancer, and my ongoing fight to raise awareness for health equity and health inequalities. Whether you're here because you've got your own battles, or you're just curious, you're welcome.

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Understanding Health Equity and Health Inequalities

Health is a universal treasure, yet not everyone has equal access to this precious resource. Health equity and health inequalities are critical concepts that shed light on the disparities in healthcare access and outcomes among different populations. In this blog post, I'll dive into the basics of these concepts, unraveling their meaning, significance, and implications.

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Health Inequalities - Access to PTSD Care : The Fallout

Imagine a survivor of an international terrorist attack such as the 2017 Manchester Bombing being denied a PTSD assessment for 5 years by the NHS, despite there being detailed police records verifying the extreme trauma. However, NHS records dismiss the survivor's repeated pleas for help regarding the trauma. Despite suicide attempts, never once being referred for a PTSD assessment. . . It's almost hard to believe - Welcome to the world of Institutional Racism. Note: 2017 Manchester Bombings - 22 killed and 1,017 injured. Emergency services responded immediately. 2004 Asian Tsunami Koh Phi Phi Island over 700 died, with some reports as high as 1500. Several 1000 injured. Limited Emergency Services Response from the Thai military after 24 hours.

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Why I Found Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy so Effective

There are a number of reasons why I believe Trauma Focused CBT was so effective in reducing the symptoms of my PTSD. For years prior to my initial PTSD assessment, I was only offered general therapy. Why did I respond so positively to CBT when compared to taking medication on its own, or combining medication with general therapy? The following is why only Trauma Focused CBT was so effective in helping me deal with what happened during the trauma of the search and rescue, and the years that followed.‍

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Waking Up to the Asian Tsunami - The First Five Minutes

Survivor Story I was on holiday on Koh Phi Phi island, when the waves of the Asian Tsunami hit. From the moment the first wave hit until the following morning we were cut off from the outside world. Throughout this time I was involved as a first responder in the rescue and care of some of the most seriously injured on the island. The following is the first 5 minutes of that day.

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BBC The Why Factor PTSD interview with Dr. Wild

Near the end of my PTSD treatment, Dr. Jennifer Wild told me she had been invited to participate in a BBC radio discussion about PTSD. She asked if I would be willing to be interviewed regarding my experience with the tsunami and my PTSD treatment. Despite my mental state having improved as the treatment progressed, my home life, relationships, and career were in tatters. However, I knew how fortunate I was to have finally received the PTSD treatment that I did, as it had undoubtedly saved my life...

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Cascading Trauma

In the depths of his drug-induced haze, Sam blinked and squinted, struggling to decipher the distorted world beyond. He felt as if the autofocus feature of his eyes had malfunctioned. With deliberate effort, he manually adjusted his vision, slowly bringing the room into clearer focus.

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