Tsunami, PTSD, & Cancer: A Journey of Survival, Strength, & Healing

Welcome to PTSD JEDI: Navigating the Tsunami of Life

Hey there, I'm Sam.

Thank you for stumbling upon my personal blog –

This isn't your typical blog; it's a raw, unfiltered journey through the chaos of surviving a tsunami, battling PTSD, facing Stage 3 cancer, and my ongoing fight to raise awareness for health equity and health inequalities. Whether you're here because you've got your own battles, or you're just curious, you are welcome.

What's My Story?

It's 2004, Koh Phi Phi island, about 50km off the west coast of Thailand. What started as a serene vacation turned into a living nightmare – the Asian Tsunami. That day changed everything. I became a first responder, a survivor, and then, a warrior against PTSD. This blog is my battlefield diary – from the tsunami's raging waters to the silent wars of PTSD, the unexpected enemy of Stage 3 Cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic, and my pursuit of advocating for equitable health care.

In this space, I share not only my personal battles but also my passion for addressing the systemic inequalities in healthcare. Through my experiences, I've gained unique insights into the disparities in healthcare access and outcomes, particularly for those battling mental health issues and life-threatening diseases like cancer.

Here’s What You’ll Find:

The Unfiltered Truth: I don't sugarcoat. My posts are the real deal – the good, the bad, and the ugly of dealing with PTSD, cancer, and life’s curveballs.

Healthcare System Exposé: Ever felt like a cog in the healthcare machine? I've been there. I talk about the hurdles, the pitfalls, and the triumphs in our healthcare labyrinth, especially as I navigated the complex world of PTSD and cancer treatment.

From the Trenches of Mental Health and Cancer Survival: PTSD is a beast, and so is cancer. I dive into what they are, what they aren’t, and how I’ve been fighting them. Spoiler: It's a rollercoaster of resilience and survival.

Advocacy for Health Equity: I am deeply committed to raising awareness about health inequalities and advocating for change. Join me as I explore the ways we can work towards a more equitable healthcare system.

Solidarity & Support: This blog is more than my story – it's a call to arms for anyone who's fighting their own monsters, be it mental health challenges or life-threatening illnesses like cancer. Share, read, and find comradeship here.

Why Join My Journey

Because life's a tsunami – unpredictable, overwhelming, and sometimes devastating. But here, we ride the waves together. Whether you're looking for a story that echoes yours, some hard-earned wisdom, or just a place to understand surviving cancer, what PTSD is, and how to fight for health equity, you've found it.

Join the Fray: This is your invitation. Dive into the blog, share your thoughts, or just lurk around. Every voice, every story, every visitor makes this space a little stronger, a little braver.