July 15, 2024
Mental Health Advocacy
Listen to the BBC The Why Factor PTSD podcast

Hello, I'm Sam, the voice behind PTSD Jedi.

My life's narrative weaves through the collage of global cultures, bridging continents and communities, from the serene shores of Thailand to the bustling streets of London, and touching the lives and traditions of Japanese, Thai, Sri Lankan, Swedish, and British cultures.

A Tapestry of Cultures: My Global Journey

As a first-generation British ethnic minority with an international upbringing, my journey through trauma, PTSD, and cancer unfolds against a backdrop of diverse cultural and healthcare landscapes, each adding its unique hues to the mosaic of my life.

From Tsunami to PTSD: The Beginning of a Battle

In 2004, my world was irrevocably changed by the Asian Tsunami on Koh Phi Phi Island, Thailand. Amidst the devastation, I found myself part of a makeshift team of first responders, an experience that deeply ingrained in me the vast spectrum of cultural responses to trauma and the collective human effort to overcome it.

The Healing Power of CBT: Finding My Lifeline

The transformative journey of healing began in earnest with Dr. Jennifer Wild and the team at Oxford Psychiatry. Their dedication to trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) provided me not just with the tools to navigate life's challenges but also with a lifeline that would prove crucial in the years to come.

Navigating Cancer Amidst COVID: A Test of Endurance

Nearly a decade after my PTSD treatment, whilst in Thailand during the COVID pandemic, I faced a new challenge: a diagnosis of Stage 3 Colon Cancer. With the world in turmoil and healthcare systems under immense strain, I made the difficult decision to undergo treatment in Thailand rather than return home to London to NHS care.

Isolation and Resilience: My Battle with Cancer

Cancer treatment during the peak of COVID was not just a physical battle; it was a test of mental and emotional endurance. The pain of past experiences, especially those from London, haunted me, serving as a constant reminder of the challenges I had overcome and those that lay ahead.

PTSD Jedi: A Mission of Healing and Advocacy

My story, as shared on PTSD Jedi, is not just a personal narrative; it's an exploration of the human condition across cultures, a testament to the resilience we can foster within ourselves, and a call to action for greater empathy and support for those battling trauma and illness.

Join the Journey: Building a Compassionate Community

I invite you to join me on this journey of healing, advocacy, and cultural exploration. Together, we can foster a world where understanding transcends borders, and support knows no boundaries. Your support, whether through sharing your story, engaging with posts, or simply being part of the community, fuels this mission. Together, we're not just survivors; we're warriors in the fight against mental health stigma.

A Thank You from the Heart

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my journey. By sharing our stories and embracing our collective strength, we can build a more compassionate, resilient community in the face of trauma. For a deeper insight into my experiences, I encourage you to listen to the BBC World Service podcast, "The Why Factor PTSD"

Warmest regards, Sam (@ptsdjedi)

The following link is to the BBC radio podcast that I participated in with Dr. Jennifer Wild.  

I hope by listening to the podcast you better understand my journey.

BBC World Service – The Why Factor, PTSD

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